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     Residential Air Conditioning

Coolson are experts in the field of Residential air conditioning in Bournemouth, Dorset, the UK and worldwide. We can install, service  or repair your boat's air conditioning system.

Residential air conditioning, as well as being the most efficient way to heat or cool your home, is now an affordable luxury.

Air Conditioning units are primarily air source heat pumps and are considered renewable sources of heating as they use free heat from the air. 

Systems can be installed into almost any area using a range or power input supplies and voltages.

Tailored To Your Needs

With a huge range of systems available, Coolson Ltd will find the perfect solution for you. Indoor air conditioning units are now more discreet than ever and come in all finishes, including piano black, mirror and disguised art work. Outdoor units can be installed up to 30 metres away and colour coordinated with its surroundings.

Coolson work with Air Conditioning suppliers on the forefront of technology
Coolson will find the perfect air conditioning solution for your home
Coolson can install Air Conditioning anywhere in your house, workshop, log cabin or pool

Latest Technology

Coolson Ltd work with suppliers on the forefront of technology. Units controlled by 7 day LCD timers which can be remote controlled from your tablet or smartphone can even learn your movements for hassle free operation.

Anywhere Air

Air Conditioning can be installed wherever there is power. We can even install power to outbuildings such as pool changing rooms, workshops and log cabins. Being the most efficient way to heat a home, heat pumps are now a popular choice. We can design a system which suits your building, decor and lifestyle.

Our Expertise
Residential Air Conditioning

Controllable internal temperature whatever the weather making you feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Air Conditioning lets you control the temperature in your house

Get a better nights sleep without leaving windows open. Climate control means you can set the temperature you are comfortable with and the system will automatically heat up or cool down the room, some of our systems have a night mode for silent operation meaning you will have a perfect nights sleep.

Air Conditioning can provide a better nights sleep

Use the air conditioning system as a dehumidifier to dry out damp homes or if humidity has been especially high. 

use air conditioning units as a dehumidifier

Leaving the windows closed to run air conditioning keeps out insects, reduces external noise pollution and improves security.

air conditioning keeps out insects, reduces external noise pollution and improves security.

Climate control systems can be ordered with 7 day timers and be controlled by smart phones/tablets for your total convenience.

Air Conditioning Systems in your home provides total convenience

  Please email or call us for more information and advice 

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