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     Marine Air Conditioning Systems

We supply, fit and commission all brands and types of Air Conditioning Systems to all kinds of boats. If you have power issues, Coolson Ltd can advise on the correct way to proceed. Using soft start technology, inverter drives and multi voltage systems (from 24v DC to 415v AC) there is always a solution.

Coolson supply, fit and commission self contained direct expansion marine air conditioning systems

Self Contained Direct Expansion

This type is suited to smaller boats with limited machinery space. It is often the easiest and most cost effective solution from an installation point of view. The unit is completely self contained onto a drip tray which is then fitted under a seat/storage cupboard or berth. Sea water is then fed to the unit via a small silent pump fitted in the bilge or engine room area.

Coolson supply, fit and commission split type direct expansion marine air conditioning systems
Coolson supply, fit and commission chilled water marine air conditioning systems

Chilled Water

This system is the most premium and can be likened to a boiler and radiator system fitted to residential properties. The sea water cooled chiller (boiler) is fitted in the machinery space or engine room and the treated circulating water is fed to the air handler (radiator) via the water loop in the cabin or living space. By fitting an auxiliary heating element, each area can be individually climate controlled. Any number of air handlers can be fitted to suit the vessel and its use. Multiple chiller units can also be framed and manifolded, depending on the size of application.

Types of Marine Air Conditioning Units

Split Type Direct Expansion

Similar to the self contained unit, this system is split into two parts, the compressor (condensing unit) and the air handling unit. The condensers are fitted into the bilge/engine room or machinery space with the air handling units fitted into the cabin/interior spaces. They are interconnected with copper piping.

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