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Energy Efficieny and Benefits of Marine Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning - an eco friendly and cost effective solution for your business

Choosing air conditioning to heat or cool is a cost effective eco friendly solution.

Using just 1Kw of electrical energy our systems give you up to 4 times that in heat as opposed to an electrical heater which will only give 1kw of heat to every 1kw used to power it. You also have the added bonus of cooling and fully climate controlling your space as you do in most modern cars. Set the temperature and the system will heat it up or cool it down fully automatically.

If you are not familiar with Kw (Kilowatt) ratings, to give you an idea, an average kettle uses 3.5Kw of electrical energy. If you have an older style electric meter which has a turning disk inside then boil the kettle and see how much faster it spins when used. Newer electrical meters have a flashing light. The faster the light flashes the more energy you are using.


Using the latest technology inverter driven systems, and the greenest gas available, our carefully selected air conditioning systems are the most efficient available today.


Old air conditioning units can be noisy, unreliable and expensive to run. Up to 40% Savings can be made on running costs plus modern units are easier to live with being of a contemporary style, smaller and much quieter.

You may also be required to update your air conditioning unit if it uses banned refrigerants, please call for more information


Once your new air conditioning system has been installed regular maintenance is highly recommended. A standard service is inexpensive and ensures full energy-efficiency and plant longevity. Also with most manufacturers this is a requirement to validate your warranty.

Benefits of Marine Air Conditioning 

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